How to Make Your Bedroom as Hygge as Possible

May 27, 2020 | Casper Editorial Team

“Do you have something stuck in your throat?”

Turns out: it’s pronounced hyoo-guh. Ask some (very well-rested, balanced, and nourished) Danish people, and they’ll say there’s simply no English equivalent in the dictionary. The closest might just be “cozy” or “cozy time,” which can, of course, immediately trigger a warm sensation in your chest. But hygge (or hyggeligt) is about more than a temporary shield of warmth and security. Hygge is a way of being, a system, a wholeness. Hygge floods into smiling cheeks and out of sleeping lungs. Picture your fingers running through a luxurious shag carpet. That’s hygge.

Making your bedroom more hygge can help you get through winter with your head held high. So if you’re the type of person who thinks even February is a few days too many, you might consider curating a warmer, more sleep-friendly bedroom.

Let’s start with lighting. When darkness falls, you need to warmly, slowly light up your hygge. Kill the overhead lights, especially if they’re bright white. Unearth the power of the warm lamps you forgot were plugged in, and swap out any white light bulbs for something more yellow. That blue light emanating from your smartphone and computer? Not great for hygge. Try eliminating all screen time an hour before bed, and perhaps pick up that dusty book on your shelf. Casper’s Glow lights bring an air of adventure and purpose to the final hour of your day, while also preparing your body for a full night’s sleep. Light works magic on our moods — almost as much as rest does.

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Of course to be more hygge, you can also light more candles. They need not be overly scented or spectacular — just grounding and joyful. Apparently, there’s a dark side to lighting too many candles, but Danes do, on average, burn more candles than any other European population. That has to mean something, right?

Now, onto bedroom furniture. Picture yourself kneeling next to your coffee table with a warm cup of hot chocolate, deep in kind conversation with someone who’s just conditioned their hair and is wearing a thick sweater. Those are the vibes your bedroom furniture should evoke.

However, the accessories you choose need not be bound to Scandinavian influences. The spirit of hygge lives in other, wind-things-down design movements like Japandi. The Japanese design aesthetic hangs its hat on the idea of “wabi-sabi,” which is all about finding beauty in imperfection.

Think intentionally about building out a space filled with statement pieces that all drive comfort. Accent your room with comfort-inspired throw pillows and blankets designed to get you in the mood for cuddling (even if you’re cuddling yourself). In many ways, Japandi is a fusion of form and function. One of the best ways to achieve both? Bring some life into your space with plants. Consider short-cut flowers in wide vases to keep things grounded. Otherwise, focus on bright green foliage to add dynamism against darker bedroom tones. And don’t forget the scent! Honeysuckle strikes the right feel for winter as does the aptly named wintersweet.

Do you feel like the human reincarnation of hygge yet? Don’t worry. Aside from creating an ethereal essence of hygge in your home, you can literally cuddle with it. Hell, get swallowed by it! Close your eyes, and then imagine a down duvet you would want to pay a monthly rent to live in. It can also moonlight as a worthy excuse to avoid seeing your friends for that group dinner you never really wanted to go to. And when you’re actually ready to sleep, but want to lock in those hygge vibes, consider a weighted blanket. (Hint: one of your friends definitely has this.) Not only will you feel like you’re back in the womb, but weighted blankets can also help combat stress and anxiety, leaving you with a better, deeper sleep.

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Of course, no hibernation station is complete without actual, well… hibernation. Keep that hygge energy flowing, and tune into the Casper Sleep Channel, a playlist that houses your favorite comfort noises (like crackling fire and whispering windshield wipers) along with a plethora of meditations.

Sweet hygge dreams, everyone. Tomorrow is a bright, new, beautiful day.