Do You Need a Special Mattress For an Adjustable Bed?

February 18, 2022 | Casper Editorial Team
Do You Need a Special Mattress for An Adjustable Bed Do You Need a Special Mattress for An Adjustable Bed Do You Need a Special Mattress for An Adjustable Bed

Have trouble finding the right position before falling asleep? An adjustable bed base takes your sleep experience to a whole new level by allowing you to change your mattress position and elevate different parts of your body.

If you’re considering buying an adjustable bed, you may be wondering what kind of mattress you need. Not just any mattress will do. Some mattresses are great for an adjustable bed, while others aren’t compatible.

Do you need a special mattress for an adjustable bed? What mattress is best for an adjustable bed frame? In this guide, we’ll cover compatible mattresses, incompatible mattresses, and then we’ll compare the best types of mattresses for an adjustable bed. 

Benefits of an Adjustable Bed Base

An adjustable bed base is a type of bed that lets you alter your sleep position. Casper’s adjustable bases work via a sleeping structure that’s connected to a bed base. The sleeping structure responds to a wireless remote, which you can use to create desirable angles. You can elevate your lower body, upper body, or both depending on what’s most comfortable to you. 

Here are some potential benefits of an adjustable bed: 

  • Can help with snoring – Lifting your head reduces pressure on your airway, so there’s less obstruction during the night. A clinical trial found that a bed that lifted snorers’ upper bodies helped stop storing in 67% of cases.
  • May ease symptoms of restless leg syndrome – If you have RLS, it can be difficult to get comfortable at night. Elevating your lower body may help relieve leg discomfort and help you get better rest.
  • Potential whole-body benefits – Elevating your head and/or lower body can help reduce fluid buildup in your joints. You may find that an adjustable bed helps you feel less stiff in the morning. It can also help you find the right neck or lower body elevation for comfiness and spinal alignment.
  • Offers flexibility for sleeping partners – Couples can independently adjust their side of the bed. One person can sleep with their legs elevated, while the other can elevate their upper body or sleep flat.
  • Customizable and convenient – Do you watch TV before bed or sit up and read into the night? If so, elevating and lowering your body with the push of a button can make these bedtime activities all the more convenient.

Casper adjustable bases set you up for your best rest with customizable features to cater your individual sleep needs.  

Do You Need a Special Mattress for an Adjustable Bed Base?

You can’t use just any mattress on an adjustable bed because not every mattress type is compatible. But if you have one that is compatible, it’s possible to use your existing mattress with an adjustable bed base. 

Generally, non-innerspring mattresses are compatible with adjustable beds. That includes memory foam, latex, and some hybrid mattresses. 

Innerspring mattresses aren’t usually compatible unless the manufacturer makes them specifically for adjustable beds. 

Your best bet is to buy your mattress and adjustable bed from the same company. For example, at Casper, our adjustable bases are compatible with all of our mattress models.

Mattress Type Compatible With Adjustable Bed?
Memory Foam Yes
Latex Yes
Hybrid Sometimes
Innerspring No (usually)
Water Bed No
Air Mattress No

Usually Compatible:

  • Memory foam – Memory foam mattresses are usually compatible with adjustable bed frames. That’s because they’re sturdy yet flexible. They’re also ideal for contouring the body and can support those with joint pain.
  • Latex – Latex mattresses are lightweight, cool, and durable. That makes them a great choice for an adjustable bed.

Sometimes Compatible:

  • Hybrid Hybrid mattresses include both springs and foam. High-quality hybrid mattresses are durable and flexible and therefore compatible with adjustable beds.

Rarely Compatible:

  • Innerspring – Unless specifically made for an adjustable base, innerspring mattresses are not ideal. The coils don’t allow innerspring mattresses to bend as easily as memory foam or latex. Plus, the constant movement can cause wear and tear on the springs. 
  • Water bed – Water beds are not compatible with adjustable beds. They can weigh a lot when full, there’s potential for leaks, and they aren’t built for support or movement. 
  • Air mattress – Though air mattresses are a great short-term option for travel and camping, they don’t pair well with adjustable bed bases. When an adjustable bed bends, it can restrict the airflow in an air mattress. This can damage the air mattress or make it too rigid to be comfortable. 

Considerations For Your Adjustable Bed

The mattress type isn’t the only factor to consider with your adjustable bed. Here are some additional things to keep in mind. 

Considerations for your adjustable bed

1. Mattress Size

It’s essential to use a mattress that fits the size of your adjustable bed frame. If the mattress is too big or too small, it could negatively affect the performance of the adjustable bed. Check your mattress size to make sure it matches the dimensions of your adjustable bed frame. 

2. Mattress Flexibility

Your mattress should be flexible and mobile enough to adjust with the bed base, and the thickness of your mattress can impact its flexibility. If the mattress is too thick, it might make it harder to adjust the bed. Choose a mattress that is up to 12 inches thick. 

3. Mattress Firmness 

Mattresses that are too rigid won’t bend with an adjustable bed, whereas a less firm mattress can move more smoothly with the bed. However, if you need a firmer mattress, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice comfort. 

4. Mattress Durability

Flexibility and durability are extremely important when picking a mattress for your adjustable bed. Flexibility allows the mattress to bend with the adjustable bed’s mechanism. Durability ensures the mattress lasts a long time despite the constant movement. 

The Best Mattresses For An Adjustable Bed

With the factors above in mind, we’ve narrowed down the best mattress options for your adjustable bed: latex, memory foam, and hybrid. We’ll go through each below to help you find your perfect fit. 

Best mattress for an adjustable bed

1. Latex Mattresses

Latex mattresses offer soft, bouncy support and pressure relief evenly throughout the mattress. Latex rebounds quickly and doesn’t have the “sinking” feeling that some people experience with memory foam. It’s also very durable, making it a great option for an adjustable bed.

Latex Pros

  • High bounce-back capacity 
  • Avoids “sinking” feeling
  • Can be made with natural materials

Latex Cons

  • Can feel “spongy” to some people
  • More expensive than spring mattresses
  • Not an option for those with latex allergies

2. Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam mattresses offer gentle support, motion isolation, and contouring around your body. Because it’s so flexible, memory foam works well with an adjustable bed. Memory foam comes in three types: traditional, open-cell, and gel.

  • Traditional memory foam uses your body’s heat to contour to your body’s shape. However, some who sleep hot might find that this mattress may retain too much body heat.
  • Open-cell memory foam is designed for better airflow and transfers heat away from your body.
  • Gel memory foam, like open-cell, regulates body temperature better than traditional memory foam.

Memory Foam Pros

  • Gentle for side sleepers
  • Softer on those with joint pain
  • Isolates and absorbs motion
  • Flexible

Memory Foam Cons

  • Traditional foam traps body heat
  • Some experience a “sinking” feeling

3. Hybrid Mattresses

Hybrid mattresses combine the best aspects of springs and foam. They include layers of memory foam, latex, springs, or gel. They can offer great support while also providing flexibility, pressure relief, and body-cradling softness. 

Hybrid Pros

  • Doesn’t have the “sinking” feeling of foam
  • Softer than springs
  • Offers both support and pressure point relief
  • Regulates temperature well

Hybrid Cons

At Casper, our hybrid mattresses are built to last. We have three options to choose from:

  • The Casper® Wave Hybrid Mattress is our most supportive mattress to help ease aches and pains. It features Zoned Support™ Max and gel pods, which ergonomically align your spine throughout the night. Plus, resilient springs add lift, airflow, and bounce.
  • The Casper® Nova Hybrid Mattress is our softest mattress with support where you need it most. It’s soft and inviting, combining foam and springs to still give you the support your body needs.
  • The Casper® Original Hybrid Mattress is our most popular mattress, with balanced support and cooling. The foam is divided into 3 ergonomic zones that help keep your spine aligned, while thousands of perforations in a breathable foam help keep you cool at night.


Still have lingering questions? Here we’ll answer commonly-asked queries about adjustable beds and mattresses. 

Do Adjustable Bases Ruin Mattresses?

No, if you use a compatible mattress, the adjustable base shouldn’t ruin it. However, an adjustable base could shorten the lifespan of a mattress that’s not compatible with it — like a traditional innerspring. 

How Thick Should A Mattress Be For An Adjustable Bed?

In general, a mattress should be up to 12 inches thick for use on an adjustable bed. 

Can You Use A Pillow Top Mattress On An Adjustable Bed?

Most memory foam, latex, and hybrid mattresses that are non-innerspring will work with an adjustable bed — including those with a pillow top layer. However, an innerspring mattress with a pillow top may not be compatible. 

Casper adjustable bases have got your back. They offer full-body adjustability for extra comfort and time-saving presets that save all your favorite positions. Paired with one of our award-winning mattresses like the Casper Nova® Hybrid Mattress or Casper® Wave Hybrid Mattress, you can create your own fully customizable sleep setup in no time.